Anthony Vito Corleone burn 1952. Anthony Vito Corleone is the son of Michael Corleone (Al Pacino) and Kay Adams (Diane Keaton).. He is described as an intelligent child by his father, being able to read comics at age three. He was also the only person present at the death of his grandfather, Vito Corleone (Marlon Brando), in the family orange garden.

The second film's plotline opens in 1958, with Anthony's first communion, a very important moment for many Catholics in their childhood. It continues with an extravagant banquet held in his honor near Lake Tahoe. During this banquet, his father is largely tied up with family business, a theme which would repeat itself throughout the film. Tony receives many gifts, mostly from people he does not know.

Later in the film, he and his sister, Mary, overhear their parents fighting who eventually become separated by the end of the film. Anthony seems to resent his mother's role in the divorce, and as a result is sullen and reluctant to kiss her during a visit. At the end of the film, he develops a friendship with his uncle Fredo (John Cazale) and as a child is due to go fishing with him, until Michael intervenes and sends Anthony into town with his mother. Fredo is then assassinated by Al Neri at Michael's order.

A fully-grown Anthony attends Michael's celebration on his receipt of a citation from the Pope, along with his mother and sister. At the banquet that follows, he confronts his father, along with Kay, and tells him that he is quitting law school for a career in opera, and will not join the family business, claiming it has brought him nothing but "bad memories." This infuriates Michael, who wants him to be a lawyer even if he is not in the "family business" but he relents and gives his blessing at Kay's insistence. Kay also tells Michael that Anthony knows that he had Fredo killed.
Anthony's operatic career is a success, and he is given the lead in the opera Cavalleria Rusticana in Palermo, Sicily. Overjoyed, his family join him for the premiere. As a gift at a gathering, he performs the traditional Sicilian ballad "Brucia La Terra" [1] (the official theme of the trilogy.) During this visit, he joins his parents in criticizing his sister's relationship with her cousin, Vincent (Andy Garcia).

The film concludes with Anthony performing his debut. Although the production is a success, it is overshadowed by numerous murders and assassinations during the evening, several of which occur right at the opera house. After the concert, Mary is shot and killed in a failed attempt to assassinate Michael.

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